Review of Callaway X-Tour PM (Wedges)

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X-Tour PM

Construction and quality of this wedge is terrific. It feels very durable.


At first I hated this club. I could not hit the ball at all with it. The loft angle was just too great for what I was comfortable with. But then again, I didn't really know how to chip. My friend started to teach me, and I started to really like this club. It's really versatile, and the 'PM' grind sole bounce really helps at times. The 'mac daddy' puts a LOT of spin on the ball. I never thought I'd be able to check my Precept Laddie on a short 20 yard chip, but with this club and the proper ball contact, the ball will check in 2 bounces and sit. Very nice indeed for those front pin placements.


The 'Mac Daddy' grooves will really wear out any ball more than the usual U-groove wedges out in the market. At the range, I have to clean out the grooves after hitting just a few balls with a 1/4 to 1/2 swing. Chipping is also the same. But as long as I keep a tee in my pocket, it's easy to clean it out on the course. Can't say much for my balls being eaten up by the grooves though. I don't really like the grip that much. It feels too big for my hands. I have yet to replace the grip. So for now I just have to choke down on it to feel comfortable.


Great club once I get the hang of it.

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