Review of Carbite ZM and Cap 1 (Putters)


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ZM and Cap 1

The construction is great and although I had issues with the insert on the ZM the company stood behind their product and gave me a new putter and I have not had any issues with the cap 1.


I liked the forgiveness in the putters. When I started using the ZM model I started to 2 put versus 3 put. The new cap 1 has a better feel to it. I like the new technology of the brass ball insert.


I had Carbite replace my ZM model as the insert moved, was not flat with the rest of the face yet. I called Carbite and they took care of it immediately. I was given several choices and I got it replaced with the Cap 1.


I like my new putter very much it not only is forgiving but it has a good feel to it when you strike the ball. In general my putting has gotten a lot easier since I first purchased ZM putter and feel has improved with the cap1. For a high handicapper like myself a putter like this helps your putting game.

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