Review of Cleveland 588 Fairway Wood (3W)


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Scott Rushing
588 15.5 degree 3W

Thus far feels very solid.  based on how well Cleveland's wedges are, I expect this to be fine quality wise.


Nice club.   Very clean looking, easy to setup too.  Solid weight to it so you feel the head when you swing it.  Very solid performer.  When I was testing woods in the PGA Tour SuperStore hitting bay, I hit this, several TM models (Rocketballs, Aero-something), Pings and a few others.  Quite honestly, from a distance stand point, they all were within 5 yards of each other on good strikes...225-235 carry and roll out to about 245 to 255.  The 558 though pretty much was always either a 5 yard draw or dead straight when I missed it.  The sound and feel when you hit the ball is a solid sort of "thud" which some might not like, but I like that it's not a loud "ping" noise.  And I get good feel from the head when I hit it dead center or off center. 

And the price, I've seen them used for under $50 and I got this new for $79.  That's half what the Ping was.


None yet.  it's been solid thus far through 3 rounds.  hit it very well, very far and even drawn a few people to look at it in the bag.


Thus far, I'm very pleased.  Solid performance, love the look and love the price.  And it's as long as anything else.

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