Review of Cleveland CG Gold (Irons)


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CG Gold

Overall construction,look and finish is excellent,although the ferruls on mine could have been a little neater.


What do I like about them? Damn near everything. Less offset than the TA7,better than average distance,nice weight (balanced)by that, I mean you are able to tell where the club is during the swing. I think (my humble opinion)Cleveland is one of the best at achieving this feel and balance. Yes,the insert really works because I tested it in some very cold weather and no sting. The heads are only slightly oversize,the sole is not wide although the top line is but it's not really noticeable in the playing position. Forgiving, but you can work them,distance loss is minimal on all but the worst strikes and you can tell where you struck the ball on the club face. The flighted shaft is a real plus. Now on to what I don't like.


What don't I like about these? Overall I'm extremely satisfied although the stock grips feel a bit soft and will probably wear fast,maybe a slightly thinner topline. If you were to say why didn't you buy the reds? I almost did but I felt the little extra forgiveness you get with the gold was a plus. When choosing between the red and gold irons regardless of being a low or mid handicap you won't make a bad choice. Keep in mind if you tend to hover in say the 18 to 20 range neither of these iron sets is for you unless you at least come close striking your irons with some consistency.


I hit a lot of different irons before purchasing these and would suggest that approach to your next iron purchase to everyone. I have played Mizuno,taylormade,titlest,cobra,wilson,and a few others but I always come back to cleveland.

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