Review of Cleveland HiBore (Drivers)

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Quality is top of the line. I did pull the shaft after hitting it as it came. I do this with all woods and drivers as I like to spine align the shaft for maximum performance. Since non of the OEM do spine alignment, this is not a negative for this driver, rather all OEM clubs.


I was expecting to receive a used driver, so when a brand new one arrived, I was quite happy with my purchased. The HiBore comes with either the red or yellow 65 gram shaft. Not sure exactly what the difference is, but the red one is supposed to be for the better player, so that's the one I ordered. Couldn't be happier with the driver. Ball flight is right where I want it, high and no signs of ballooning, nice and long. I hit this driver about as long as any I've tried to date. I can work the ball also, which I consider a major plus with a modern big CC driver. Sound is a little loud, but not as loud as some, and nothing worth complaining about


Can't really find anything to complain about this driver. Not the most foregiving driver I've hit, but good enough.


This is one of the best drivers on the market. The S flex factory shaft is very good, not junk like some OEM shafts can be. Distance and ball flight are as good as any driver you can buy. It looks pretty good at setup, not hugh like some of the other big head drivers. Not too loud, just loud enought to let you know you pounded it out there a long ways. As I mentioned, not as foregiving as some, but it that's what you're looking for, the new XLS would be worth a look. It's bigger and supposed to be more foregiving. If you have a decent swing, the XL should be foregiving enough and plenty long.

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