Review of Cleveland r7 Quad (Drivers)


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Joel Schumaker
r7 Quad

First rate. Incredible when you consider the price I paid.


I've clocked in the mid 90mph range so the stiff shaft (Grafalloy?) I purchased was just right for me. Just right - not too stiff - not too loose. Lower profile head is right up my alley, I'm not a big fan of the oversized variety. Everyone seems to be heading down that road these days.


There's not much to not like. It's a great driver for the price and I'd probably investigate the Cleveland line again next time around.


The QuadPro is a great driver that can be found at astonishingly low prices - especially on ebay. It feels and plays like drivers costing much, much more. It's not perfect, but it's great for my style of play and has upped the ante for me as far as my consistency off the tee goes.

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