Review of Cobra 350 SS 9 Degree Driver (Drivers)

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350 SS 9 Degree Driver

I'm a history teacher not a scientist. It doesn't snap when I hit it hard. That is good enough for me.


First off, the King Cobra looks great! It has a black and silver club head and shaft. Secondly, it is very light in weight, much lighter than my metal driver. Foremost, I hit the crap out of the ball everytime. I was in uncharted territory after every hit. For example, I thought I would be safe to hit when the group ahead of me was hitting their third shot on a par 5. I asked my buddy where my tee shot went. He replied," it's next to that guys foot!" I drove to the ball in amazement. I was 50 yards ahead of my usual distance! I am not kidding. That confidence helped me all day. The club face has at least eight sweet spots. Even mis-hits go straight and long.


I had really grown fond of hitting 3 woods and long irons as a second shot. After using the King Cobra, I use my shorter irons quite a bit. I also don't like that the extra distance off the tee allows me to be home in two on par 5's. This angers my friends and causes animosity. They just don't understand me anymore.


The King Cobra was the right club for me. It was fairly priced ( I paid cash leaving no paper trail. Chapter 1 in The Married Man's Guide to Buying Golf CLubs ). You be the judge....

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