Review of Cobra AMP Cell Offset Driver


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Scott Rushing
AMP Cell Offset

Expect a high quality club. Cobra's known for quality products and the AMP CELL Offset should be no different.


Have had the Cobra AMP Cell for about half a season now and love it. This review is about the offset driver, another GOLD rated driver according to Golf Digest. See the review at :

Tech Talk:
The AMP Cell adjusts to six lofts (neutral to draw bias in the standard model and neutral to fade bias in the Pro version). There are also four color choices: blue, orange, red and silver. A reduced contact area on the sole keeps the face angle square on every adjustable setting.
Beyond the pretty colors, this driver family has the widest range we've seen, and the technology is sound. We especially like how hits low on the face are easier to launch.

The face is hard enough to feel like the ball is ripping off it but not so hard you lose feel.

AMP CELL and E9 Technology
Frees up additional discretionary weight for a 12% larger effective face delivering faster ball speeds on mis-hits.

Offset Face Design
Reduces the effects of a slice by squaring the head more quickly through impact.

DISTANCE: Several testers find it makes a statement on center hits by far exceeding their current club; consistent length across this active face—minimizes distance penalties on mis-hits.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Super accurate on the course, makes fairways look drivingrange wide; plenty of forgiveness and control, no horrible misses.
FEEL: Explosive face rockets shots into the air; satisfying crisp crack transmits positive vibrations; good amount of head feel during the swing.
PLAYABILITY: Easy to play controlled fades and draws; many testers experience a slight draw ball flight; very functional adjustment features really help to dial in your desired flight.
LOOK: Orange head is surprisingly attractive—it’s not distracting at address; easy to verify loft and face angle by looking through a small “window” on the hosel.

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Four color choices, but it's lacking a basic black.


One of the top performers in its class. Very high marks for distance, accuracy/forgiveness and feel. The easy-to-use adjustment system makes for real, noticeable shot-shape changes.

Overall Rating: