Review of Cobra Comp (Fairway Woods)


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Excellent quality head. good workmanship in the assembly. So So shaft quality.


I really like the nice tall face height of this 5 wood. I find a tall face much nicer for hitting off a tee, and I don't find them any harder to hit off the grass than the shallow face woods. Hyper Steel is the bast material you can use for a HOT fairway wood. Great distance. A composite graphite crown makes this club all the more easier to hit the ball high and straight. Good solid feel and sound at impact. Good grip with a Reminder rib running down the botom of the club. Easy to hit high and long


The factory shaft is way too light for a fairway wood, especially for my swing speed and tempo with a late release. Torque is too high also.


For a used 5 wood, this Cobra Comp looks like it had never been hit. There are a few dings in the black paint, but I think they are from banging around in the club rake, not from use. The head is first rate. With a new shaft that fits my swing, I expect great things from this Cobra Comp 5 wood. I might convert it into a 16.5* 4 wood after I test it some more. Head rates an easy 5 stars. Shaft rates a 3 at most. Might be okay for a slower swing golfer without a late release type swing.

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