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Matt Topam

amazingly constructed with high quality components (too high tech for an average reviewer)that can only improove your game!


I love the weight, the swing cadence, the way the ball jumps off the face with little power (at the range and through the course, tiring of the body just doesnt happen).. and of course the BIG BANG that the club has! you want the attention of Professionals, then use this club, and watch the crowd grow!


The only thing that is not liked about this club, is the head cover... taking it off and putting it back on after each hole is a pain... but well worth the effort after you see your ball in the middle of the fairway 20 to 30 yards past your partner's ball!


After using many drivers since the beginning of my golf journey, I can not think of any other club that I would want in my bag. I have stopped using my 3 to 6 irons as i am consistanly placing the ball where I want, when i want. The club is amazing and after a game, and sitting in the club house talking over a cold one, you are guaranteed to be approached by others who were on the course asking you, 'what club was that?' 'what do you think about it?'. You are guaranteed to be the talk of the town!

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