Review of Cobra S9 Pro Series (Drivers)


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S9 Pro Series

Top quality driver. Pretty much what I'd expect from Cobra.


The S9 comes in two models, the standard version, and the Pro version. The Pro version has a nice tall face, and a much smaller foot print at address. It's the same 460CC size, just looks much smaller when you look down at it. The Pro version had a 67 gram shaft, not the light 55 gram shaft like the standard version S9 comes with.


Nothing not to like about this driver. It's not al all like the Cobra LD, which is very LOUD, which some people con't care for. This driver is quiet.


This is a very good driver. If you don't care for LOUD drivers or some of the really hugh heads on modern drivers, this is a driver you should check out. The head looks smaller than 460CC, due to having a tall club face. It's also nice and quiet, not at all like the Cobra LD I have. Distance seems very good. The factory shaft was even pretty good. I'd say it was the best driver I hit all day at the Demo Day.

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