Review of Feel Wedges 52, 69 Degrees - Mirror Finish (Wedges)

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Wedges 52, 69 Degrees - Mirror Finish

The hearty grips and shafts seem like they'll hold up for a decade or two.


Bought a new set of irons. Maxfli Revolution Midsize. I like them. So, of course I needed some new wedges, right? I had hit all the mainstays - Cleveland, Titleist, blah blah. They felt fine, but I was used to more physically substantial wedges - not better, just heftier. I settled on Feel Wedges, 52 and 60 degrees. Good choice for me. These are truly 'let the clubs do the work' clubs. A smooth, easy backswing, a nice turn - and the balls head straight for the hole, sweet and true. Sure, you can flub shots - but the flubs are distance and trajectory, not direction. The distance factor did take some getting used to. And as added bonuses, the 52 is a dream for just-off-the-green chipping, the 60 perfect for flops and trap shots. I've always been good from 70 yards or so out, even better 20 or so yards out. But with these, not a round goes by without at least two or three 'gimmes' after chipping, along with a handful of honestly executed ups-and-downs. (Yes, I'm bragging and want you to think I'm hot stuff - so you won't hear me say anything about my non-existent long iron abilities, nor my penchant for 3-wood fairway shots that send the ball skimming and bouncing every which way like giant pinballs.)


I'm not so sure about the clubface and grooves lasting. Already they're smoothing out, and I've only had them for a few months.


Demo these things. They're not for everybody, but they might be perfect for you.

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