Review of Golf Gear Tsunami Driver 340 (Drivers)


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Robert Wilson
Golf Gear
Tsunami Driver 340

There is a fujikura vista pro stock in the driver, and they use a insert technology in the face with a 10-2-3 titanium.


If you think you hit the ball long you have to try this driver. The Tsunami driver is the longest most forgiving driver I have ever hit. I didn't think I could get anymore distance so I took my Taylor Made and the Tsunami out on the course and I was 10 - 15 yards futher on every drive. Even when I missed shots I was long. Somebody did something right when they made this club. On a scale of 1 - 10 I give this club a 15!!!


There is nothing I don't like about this unit. This club was made for people who like golf.


You have to try this club, why would anyone hit anything else? I guess if you are into buying clubs because of a lot of marketing this is not the club for you, this is the biggest kept secret in the game.

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