Review of Hippo Giant 400cc (Drivers)


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John Szabo
Giant 400cc

Hippo did a wonderful job in constructing this very large driver, it hits well, and very solid. They used high quality materials, and used a great model for construction.


I love the huge sweet spot, you can hit it off center and still clear 250 yds. The club hits tremendously solid, and the ball comes off the clubface very fast. Depending on the ball you are using, an additional 15-20 is possible by using this club.


The main complaint I have about the club is the shaft flexibility. At times it seems to lag behind the swing, and cause slices.


I love to really go after the ball off the tee, and the Hippo Giant driver has enabled me to do so. I feel confident to go in and tee it high and swing out of my shoes, and believe me, the ball goes. I am now consistently hitting the ball 290 to 310 off the tee. Great club for a great price.

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