Review of Hippo H7 Tour (Drivers)


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H7 Tour

Construction of the H7 driver seems really good. Quality is ok too.


I honestly don't like anything about this driver. Well, maybe the head cover has my kudos. The cover slips on and off with ease.


Starting from the grip, the wrap-around feel wasn't for me. The quality of the wrap reminds me of tennis racket handles, especially with the taped end to keep it together. The shaft is very whippy. It's very soft, as if it was a light seniors shaft, and not regular flex. The head feels very heavy, maybe because of the shaft. When swinging the club, I can feel the head lag behind on the back swing and downswing. Very difficult to make the head 'kick' at contact at the proper time. I've tried swinging faster and slower to try and match the shaft flexing to no avail. After contacting the ball, the head wobbles during the follow through and causes the entire shaft to resonate down through the grip.


Since this club was free, I can't really complain about it. If I had a choice to purchase this, I'd take my money elsewhere and avoid this Hippo H7 Tour driver. I'll be donating this driver to charity sales. I do not recommend this club to amateurs or higher, as it will hurt your game and swing and create bad habits, or it may just totally turn you off and away from the fun game of golf.

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