Review of KZG Forged Blades (Irons)


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Forged Blades

The fit and finish of these clubs are better than any mass production pieces I have seen in my 30 plus years as a golfer. These clubs were produced with quality not quantity in mind and hand assembled by caring individuals who are avid golfers themselves. I couldn't be happier with the results.


These clubs are absolutely the best value out there. The quality of KZG combined with the expert personalized service from the guys at Foursome Golf in Tampa Fl. have exceeded my expectations regarding custom clubs.


What's not to like? I got more than I expected and paid less for it.


If you are looking for the best clubs at the best prices send me an E-mail and I will let you know how you can contact these guys, they are the greatest. They don't advertise because it's just the two of them and they provide so much personalized service it would be hard for them to keep up with the demand, but I just can't keep this to myself- see for yourself.

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