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Scott Rushing
Leopold GX-4i

From what I understand Leopold makes great scopes for hunting and such so I don't expect, nor have I seen thus far, any quality issues


So I've not usually been a big fan of laser rangefinders because I struggle to keep still enough to get a correct reading of the thing I'm trying to shoot. I found it too easy to shoot something other than the flag. But after getting frustrated several rounds by pins which clearly were NOT were you expected based on the method the club uses (red/white/blue flags, etc), I decided to pull the trigger. I also have a Skycaddie which I continue to use as well but for measuring the approach shots, I usually use the Leopold now.

Anyway, I went to GG and tried several models, the Bushnell was what I expected to buy. But saw the Leopold there and tried it and I really liked several features it had.

First, the readout on the lens as you're shooting is a nice bright color. I had some challenges seeing and clearly reading the dark color of the Bushnell when I was shooting at something that was inherently dark.

I bought the GX-4i2 which also includes the ability to get a 'plays as' distance where it accounts for the amount of slope and converts that to adjusts the yardage. I've found that to work REALLY well. Yesterday I shot a pin that was elevated and the Leopold said it played like 111 yards and I told a partner who had basically the same approach shot that, and he said but I'm going to add more for the uphill and play it like 125-130. Well, he was a solid 10 yards past the flag and I was pin high. So the thing works. Just hate I can't use it during tournaments and such.

I did learn it's best if I anchor myself to the cart by leaning on it or something to help stablize me. And I'm getting better and shooting in general. But I do shot about 4 times and make sure I can repeat the same result, that just makes me again believe the number.


None. Well, slope adjusted lasers are costly. but once you get used to that, it's ok. I bought a open-box item from Amazon.


Awesome device. Honestly, if you're about to drop $300 on a laser, spend the extra and get the slope version. I really like mine and I can disable mine for tournament play. This thing works great. It won't replace the skycaddie (because sometimes I hit the ball where I don't have line of site to the pin or something) but will be what I rely on for approach shots to the pin.

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