Review of Mizuno MP-33 (Irons)


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Quality is first rate, like all Mizuno irons.


Excellent iron, IF you have the game for it. Mizuno is known for making some of the best irons in golf, and the MP-33's are an excellent example of the quality. Very good feel at contact, IF you hit the ball PERFECTLY. Very easy to work the ball with this club. Good distance and ball flight


Not for the average golfer, This is NOT a foregiving iron. If you don't hit the ball very well, you get BAD results. You will not get away with ANYTHING. Mishit balls will send a stinking shock up the shaft right into your hands. Not much fun in cold weather.


IF you have the game, this is a great set of irons, IF NOT, don't even think about getting these clubs. You'll PAY for them twice, ONce when you buy them, and second every time you mishit a ball. IF you are a very good golfer, and your iron game is the best thing about your game, then the MP-33's are highly recommended, IF NOT, stick with a more forgiving set of irons.

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