Review of Never Compromise NCX-Ray (Putters)

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Never Compromise

Felt very solid top to bottom


The weight of the club was noticeable from the get go. The firmness of the shaft fit nicely with the weight of the club head. For me it gave me confidence that I did not have to strike the putts with a lot of force to get the ball moving. The red line on the mallet portion helps with alignment and worked ok. The design of the head puts additional weight on the heal and toe for offcenter hits. The sound at impact was solid, not loud at annoying like the old PING big-head mallet was. Very subdued but confident/solid. Ball rolled well off the putter face and it didn't take long to adjust to the distances for short and long putts. All and all a nice putter


Not much. The alignment aide could be a little larger in my opinion but some will find it nice as is, and I think it's sufficient, just for me I like the larger one like on my PING CRAZ-E.


A worthy contender if you're looking for a new putter.

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