Review of Nike 56 Degree (Wedges)

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56 Degree

Nike has created a nearly perfect wedge, with the correct amount of bounce and playability. With evey swing, I can tell why many tour players are switching to forged irons and wedges instead of cast. I have given some thought to buying a set of forged irons and will end up with some soon I would imagine. Without a doubt those irons will be Nike, they have really done their homework and spent a long time creating a great product.


You can tell that Nike spent countless hours perfecting the forging process. With their first attempt, Nike has created a product that all other golf club designers can strive for. The excellent feel of the soft 1030 carbon face is very evident with every swing. It has supreme workability and control.


I don't carry the ball quite as far as I did with my Vokey, but the distance is not missed with the added feel and control.


You owe it to yourself to try the newest and hottest wedges on the market, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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