Review of Nike Forged 350cc 10.5 degree (Drivers)


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Andy McNamara
Forged 350cc 10.5 degree

As with most Nike products, the quality and build of this club is second to none. I'm also pleased with the stock Nike grip and what appears to be a quality finish on the top of the club head.


The first thing I noticed about this club is how fast the ball comes off of the clubface. It turns the golf ball into a rocket and gives excellent feedback, meaning that you can feel the sweet spot. It has been my experience that too many big drivers these days prevent the golfer from really feeling the ball off the face, which can lead to the always embarrasing "did anyone see where my ball went" comment. It does a good job of covering up poor swings as well. My first two mishits still went in excess of 200 yards and did not stray too far from the fairway.


My only complaint has been that once I realized how long I can hit it when swinging easy, I've had a tendancy to overswing in an attempt to go at short par 4s.


For everyone out there who tees off with a 3-wood and has sworn off the driver, this forgiving, powerful club should help change your tune. It changed mine.

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