Review of Nike IC 20-20 Putter (Putters)


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IC 20-20 Putter

Seemed to be top quality, solid feel.


Mostly I liked the results. The IC series comes in a number of models, from blade to mallet. The 20-20 is a mallet putter with an effective alignment aide that makes it pretty easy to line up putts. The first 20+ footer I hit I drained. The next 2 burned the cup on either right or left. So the results are there. Feels solid in your hand`


the square shape, much like Nike's square Sumo2 driver is a little odd at first, but you can over look that as you drain more putts. Has a 'tink' sound of sorts as you strike the putts, but the feedback is useful.


If you're looking for a mallet putter, this one shoudl be one you consider. it's reasonably priced and the ball jumps off the club face. The alignment tool built into the clubhead layout is pretty effective. Worth considering.

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