Review of Odyssey Blackspin 56* (Wedges)


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Blackspin 56*

I have had this club for approx. 3 months and so far I have not had one problem with its construction or quality. When the face gets dirty its very easy to wipe off with one swipe of a towel. The graphite shaft is also a wonderful addition to this club, making it in my opinion, complete.


It is exactly what I was looking for. It is a very accurate club which i can use for not only short chips from the fringe, but also semi-long pitches. It allows me to concentrate on the actual shot more, instead of whether the club is going to destroy my shot even if I perform how I am supposed to. I also used to have a problem with over running the green on all of my chips but now I have the confidence to hit it solid and that I will still get the backspin I need to not overshoot the green.


The one, and only, drawback of this club is that when it is raining or a slight drizzle the grip gets very slippery. If you can keep it dry then it performs as usual, however if you have trouble with that it can cause quite a problem.


Overall, this club fits the description of immaculate perfectly. It is a wonderful addition to anyones bag, no matter what skill level you might be. If anyone is considering the acquisition of a new wedge this has your name written all over it. Not only is it easy and accurate to hit, it makes chipping the funnest part of your round, you will want to stay on the practice green and chip all day while your friends are playing.

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