Review of Odyssey Putting Wedge Marksman X-Act (Wedges)

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Putting Wedge Marksman X-Act

It seemed pretty solid and gave nice feedback.


So you remember the 'chipper'? Well it's back. When I saw this at my pro shop, and I saw it was from a name brand manufacturer like Odyssey, I had to try it out.So it's a putter 'head' with a highly lofted face much like a wedge. The idea is simple: For those who don't chip/pitch well around the greens or in the first or 2nd cut of rough, you can use the Putting Wedge to maximize your results as you use your putting stroke. So in testing this, the ball jumps off the club face. Much like a bump and run, but the insert from Odyssey is HOT. So it takes some getting used to in terms of distance control. Like you'd expect from a traditional putter, there is not much if any backspin that I could detect so the ball lands and rolls forward, like you'd want. So don't get this thing thinking you'll be able to stop the ball as there are NO GROOVES on the club face. So, the ball will go up, land and roll.. Worked well around the greens in nicely mowed areas but it's not something I'd try from less favorable lies.


Well, even though it sounds simple, taking my putting stroke looking at this club face wasn't easy. it's an acquired taste I think. I hit several thin and noticed my grip was more like my wedge grip than my putting grip. But eventually I was able to control it pretty well.Also, what club do you take out of your bag to make room for this under the 14 club rule? a wedge? an iron? The whole club head takes a little getting used to because it looks so odd, half putter, half wedge.


If you struggle with wedges or the bump and run around the green, this might be an option for you.

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