Review of Odyssey White Hot Sabertooth (Putters)


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White Hot Sabertooth

Solid, top notch. It's Odyssey so it's good


The weight of the putter felt well balanced and off-center hits didn't get penalized very much in terms of distance control. Very easy to get long putts to the cup. The ball jumps off this putter. Not sure how you make balls die into the hole as much as they jump off this club face.


The sound...or lack there of....when you contact the ball. There's almost dead silence from the softness of the putter insert. For some that may be ok, but I like to feel and hear the putter impacting the ball. Also, the looks are a bit had to get used to. I understand the physics of why they designed it like they did, but still, it's odd. And lastly, the 'jump' off the club face, every ball I putter went 2 feet past the hole or more. And I play with a mallet putter every day but this one is juiced! So it might that some getting used to in terms of distance control.


Nice putter, must be a high MOI with as much as the ball jumps off the face. Interesting style but the lack of sound and feel to me would keep me from buying this putter.

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