Review of Orlimar Hipsteel 16* in Steel Shaft (Fairway Woods)


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Palmetto Golfer
Hipsteel 16* in Steel Shaft



This club is very accurate off of the tee. Although labeled R, it CPM'd at 282 for 42.25", which is pretty firm. I love it and have only missed one drive off of the tee in ten rounds. It is easy to maneuver, but the slightly deeper face wants to hit it straight and that is my normal shot now. This club has reliable distances, which precludes running it through the fairway when I know the distance. Accuracy is my primary goal for using a 3W anywhere.


Wish the swingweight was about D3. At D1.5 I will need to change that sometime. Fortunately, I am hitting it pretty well with the lighter headweight than my other clubs.


Listed at 16*, it is actually 15.5* and is extremely solid off of the tee. I have not been in position on the course to use it from the fairway, but off the range it has been pretty good, though a little less effective than my old Cleveland Quadpro. The steel shaft and deeper face are perfect for accuracy off of the tee, and it has been my bread and butter the past few rounds, all but two which have been in the 70's - handicap declined from 9.2 to 6.5 in this time period.

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