Review of Ping Scottsdale Pick Em Up (Putters)


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Scottsdale Pick Em Up

Very well made. Grip was installed nice and straight which is not always the case with putters.


Very easy to aim the blade with the nice long white line on top of the black head. Good feel at impact, Nice and solid feel. Distance control was very good once I got used to it. It looks like a smaller version of the Sabertooth putter, so it didn't take long to get used to it.


Picking up a ball is not all that easy with this design. You have to swing the club into the ball in order to get it under the ball to pick it up.


This is a very nice perforner. I was able to sink 3 putts from around 45 feet with it in about 12 attempts from that distance. It's VERT easy to align to the target with the long white line on top of a black head. After a few putts to get a feel for it, I rarely hit the ball long or short by more than a foot from long range. Most putts that missed the cup were not off line by more than a few inchs due to it being so easy to aim to the target. I'd love to give this putter a good demo on a real green to see if it performs as well for me on grass, but I'm preety sure it would.

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