Review of Ping Ti ST (Drivers)


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George McLean

The constuction is great and the quality is A1. Great looking club except for the feel on the swing.


I liked the looks when lining up the drive, also like the sound and the trajectory when it was struck well. Usually hit it off the fairway when the lie is not tight.


I found the club heavy and it was a D 3.5 in weight. My handicap went from a 11 to an 18 in one year, and yes all because of the club, I am sure. Lost all confidence in my driving ability and I never did give up on it. Even went to the Chat room on the golf channel to find out if there was anthing wrong with the thing. I ended up calling Ping and they made suggestions that I followed and am looking forward to using the new shaft that I have put in it.


I see this year that Ping sell the club with the new shaft that I have had inserted.The shaft is a grafalloy prolite 35 stiff shaft. Ping also changed the weight in the head for me and it is now a D0 exactly. Really looking forward to using the club. I have tried it in the store short net range and my speed was 102 and this is not having swung a club from end of October to middle of January. Cost of club now add an additional 135.00 for the change in cost of the club. Keep my fingers crossed that it was worth the upgrade. I believe it will as my handicap finally came down at the end of the second year to a 12.

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