Review of Ping TiSi Tec 10-degree (Drivers)


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Danny C.
TiSi Tec 10-degree

I bought the 10-degree loft because it's the same as my Callaway was. But it's more like an 11.5-degree driver because Ping's lofts are Effective Trajectory (about 1.5 degrees less than it actually is). The face is flat, as opposed to some drivers that offer a curved face. It's a Ping, so the quality is a given. I've heard some people saying that the paint chips easily, but I haven't had that problem yet (I've had it for about 3 months).


This is by far the best driver I've ever hit, and I've hit the best of them. This club is like swinging a Volkswagon. It is nothing short of a monster. The sound of this driver turned heads at the driving range (it echoed up and down the line). You don't have to swing very fast to hit this baby far. Even when I hit the toe of the club, the ball still flies high, straight, and far. I never used break 220 yards with the Callaway, but now I average 240-250, and they're all straight. Unless something major goes wrong with my swing, the ball never slices. Accurate is an understatement here, folks. This driver is the total package.


There's nothing to dislike about this driver, except the price (saw one for $450). It has it all. Everyone I golf with wants to "hit it just once". What's not to like about a Ping?


If you can afford it, go for it. In my opinion, this is the best driver on the market. You can take all of the Nikes, Callaways, Titleists, Taylor Mades, and Cobras and I don't think any of them would match the power or accuracy of this driver. Except maybe the Cobra, those things are monsters. Keep the Effective Trajectory in mind if you go to buy it. But overall, this is an awesome driver.

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