Review of Ping TiSi Tec (Drivers)


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Casey Howell
TiSi Tec

The new gray color of the head is a big improvement over the black, glossy head of the older model. It just looks classier and seems to line up better behind the ball. The shaft graphics on the factory shaft are non-intrusive, not particularly handsome, but not garish either. Overall the quality seems first rate


This stick is a monster. The repositioning of the weight in the new head creates a much flatter, hotter trajectory that translates into much more roll after the ball lands in the fairway. The flight is more characteristic of a club along the lines of a Titelist 975D, but that is where the similarities end. This club is even more forgiving of mishits than the original TiSi. Hit it on the toe and the ball goes the almost the same distance as a pure shot. It is not easy to shape shots with this stick, but that is not the point of the club anyway. This puppy wants to go long and straight, and it does. I picked up a true 30 yards over my old driver, and it is due to the lower flight and added roll. It will not ballon like the older Ping either. Since I have been playing this club, I have hit drives to places that I have never reached before. It is turning those par 4's that were driver-6 iron, into driver-8 or 9 iron. If you don't think that will lower your scores you have a bolt coming loose.


Not much to dislike about this club. The only thing may be the factory grip. It is average at best. I will probably regrip it with a Winn grip in the future. Oh yeah, another annoying thing about it is the fact that all my buddies are wanting to borrow it constantly. In fact 2 of them have ordered one just like it. I hope there is a delay at the factory.


Do not buy this club.....please. I want it all to myself. Seriously, this is the best driver I have ever hit. I have never seen a large-headed forgiving driver that will gun the ball down the fairway like this one. Usually game improvement drivers hit high, sort of numb feeling shots. Not this sucker though. I usually do not rave over certain clubs, I have always been of the mind that it is the Indian and not the Arrows. Well this is one helluva Arrow. In case it matters as to the level I play at, I am a 7 handicap. The point being is that I could already drive the ball pretty good to begin with and have played since I was 5 years old(34 now), so to be so struck with a new club is not that common with me. Very well done Ping!!!!

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