Review of PowerBilt Air Force One DF (Drivers)


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Air Force One DF

Excellent quality construction from what I can tell. Very good quality finish on the head. The head is pressurrized with Nitigen to 150 PSI. The pressure is there to cause the face to spring back faster which is where the extra ball speed comes from.


What I liked the most about this driver was that I was getting about 10 MPH more Ball speed with it compared to the driver I had with me at the time. 10 MPH of ball speed can mean another 20-25 more yards of distance off the tee.. I also like the looks of a White Crown behind the Black clubface when I set the club behind a White golf ball. Really good look at address with this color combination. Good feel at impact when I do my part. Solid feeling shaft.


Nothin to not like.


I need to do some more testing with one of these driver, but if I continue to get a higher ball speed during my test sessions, this just may be the longest driver I've ever hit. The DF stands for Deep Face, and I rather like a taller face on my drivers and fairway woods, so that'a another plus for the AirForce One DF. Custom shafts are available from the PowerBilt people, so you can customize your driver somewhat.

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