Review of SMT Baltusrol 350 (Drivers)


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Baltusrol 350

This head is a bueaty, it's forged titanium. The face looks like it's never be hit, there is not one minute scratch, And I've played the club a good bit, but none of the normal club face wear and tear


The club makes a awesome sound at impact, which helps the ego. I review impact marks on club face after each shot and you cannot tell from ball flight if you hit off center. You can hit a straight ball from almost anywhere on the club face. It is truly a forgiving club. I have yet to hit a ugly slice with this clubhead. The tradjectory is excellent. I have a prblem with low ball flight, and I thought that the club would make it even harder for me to get the ball in the air. Not so !!! Here's what I really like. i have a super slow swing. I was clocked at 64mph. And I average 205-215 a drive with this club. what's even better is that I can actually try to hit this club harder (with out killing a squirrel) and the ball goes just as straight but farther. It's the only club that I have hit that encourages me to increase my swing speed.Prior to this I played a calloway great great big bertha


some may claim that the club is not workable. I found this not to be a problem for the big head. When i changed ball position I could readily get hooks or fades.I like a heavier club head. This head is 350 cc, but if bigg enough to be a 450-600 cc. To me its broad face has to much wind drag, for it's weight. I doctored it up with some lead tape, and now it have the "feel" that like. I haven't hit it a lot since the changes, but From the one outing It seems as if I've added a extra 15 yards with that addition of the lead tape.


GREAT DISTANCEALWAYS FINDS THE FAIRWAY w/ less than perfect swingsAWESOME SOUND at impactEASY to hit and sharp lookingHITS better than the Great Big Bertha I had.

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