Review of Snake Eyes Fire Forged Pro C.O.R. 320 (Drivers)


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Snake Eyes Believer!!
Snake Eyes
Fire Forged Pro C.O.R. 320

The body material of the head is 6-4 titanium and the face is 10-2-3 beta titanium(whatever that means?) It's 320cc with a face height of 50mm(just a smidge under 2"). It is a quality driver head which provides a solid feel and sound! The shaft is made by UST and is only 69 grams. It is a stiff flex. This shaft has a mid bend point and a softer tip than the well known purple and gold Proforce shaft UST makes. This provides a little more club head feel and feel of shaft kick then the stiffer tipped Proforce. This shaft gives a great feel and is not only good looking but of great quality!


This is a Snake Eyes FireForged 320 10 degree driver with a Tour Plantinum 70 shaft(made by UST) and a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Lite grip. The first thing noticeable about the club is it is drop dead gorgeous! The Burgundy Red head with the silver/red shaft are a perfect match. And the beauty of this club is not skin deep! It looks easy to hit upon set up. Gives a lot of confidence that even when I try to squeeze out a few extra yards, there's plenty of sweet spot to play with. It has an extremely solid feel upon impact and the ball comes off of the thin face very "HOT". Not only do I get excellent carry, but sometimes the ball seems to roll forever. This club puts the ball not only deep, but consistently in the fairway. It's great to hear my golfing partner say how boring it is to watch my drives, because there is no variety. I think he's just tired of paying up after the round. Playing second shots from the short grass makes the game so much easier and this driver does that for me. I've tried just about every BIG STICK on the market, and the big name brands having nothing on my Snake Eyes Fire Forged(except an inflated price tag!!)


The only thing that can be annoying is that some people turn up their nose at it because it isn't a MAJOR BRAND! But normally when they see the results they ask to hit it, and then the common thread in their comments is, "it sure feels solid!"


This driver is as good as it gets! Solid feel, great performance, beautiful!(same qualities as my wife!!!) Only this is just a fraction of the cost! I would put this driver up against any name brand club for performance and when you factor in cost, it's NO CONTEST!!!

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