Review of Snake Eyes Maraging Steel Shaft Driver (Drivers)

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Snake Eyes
Maraging Steel Shaft Driver

The length of the club is 45 with a stiff flex steel shaft. The head is a 300cc steel head. I'm using an all weather grip right now. The unit as a whole seems very well made and feels great off the club my opinion it screams off the club head.


I like the unit for the consistency it gives me. I have been able to hit the ball straight on a cosistent basis and also average about 270 yards with the club. It is a plain but nice looking driver as well.


The only thing to dislike is that maybe the head is a little smaller than most people like to use. Personally I prefer the smaller head size though.


I'm a 7 handicapp and have found this club to be very pleasing. I have tried other major brand drivers and have not found one that I feel as comfortable with as the Snake Eyes. My final thought is this: try as many drivers as you can before you make a purchase...there is no need to spend 500 for a driver just for the name. I have proved that with this driver!

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