Review of TaylorMade 320 Ti 8.5 (Drivers)


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Dillon Hendrick
320 Ti 8.5

Very good construction from the stock grip to the shaft to the tie in at the head. Been using it for a while now and it seems to get better with age.


I typically shoot in the low 80s and feeling confident, wanted to go with something a little stiffer thinking I'd gain more control. I was right. My previous driver was an old Taylor Made with a graphite shaft that just had too much whip in it. I took the regular shaft on the new driver which is pretty stiff anyway and I dropped the loft an pinch down to 8.5 which is helping to keep me straighter and out of the wind more.


It's pricey, but aren't all hobbies when you try and get a good piece of gear?


I'm looking to get out a lot more this year and I've seen several pro's using this series from Taylor Made. If it's good enough for them, it will be great for me. I didn't intend to pay as much for a driver but when I demoed it at the club I just had to have it.

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