Review of TaylorMade 320 Ti 9.5 (Drivers)


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320 Ti 9.5

Nice and light. Easy to swing. Love that crack the driver makes when you hit the ball!


Let me preface my remarks by saying that I stink at this game. I'm very athletic, but haven't played much. I hit the ball pretty long, but slice everything except my putts. My drives were especially bad so I thought it was worth a couple hundred bucks to see if a new driver could help. I tried several drivers and the 320 9.5 with a ProLite R shaft was the ticket for me. Apparently it has a closed face which helps slicers like me. Now, I hit the ball straighter than ever. No more aiming the ball 20 degrees to the left to compensate for my slice. Now I'm in the fairway around half the time and usually not too far off it the rest. And oddly, when I miss I am just as likely to miss left as right. Also, my drives go a hell of a lot farther than they ever did.


I like it all except for the head cover which looks silly and is hard to get on and off easily.


This was one of those rare cases where new equipment really made a difference. I drive straighter and longer and as a result my scores have improved and my enjoyment levels has gone up. I would recommend this driver to anyone like me who has trouble driving straight, especially those who slice.

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