Review of TaylorMade Monza Spider (Putters)


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Monza Spider

No complaints.


I like the weight of this club. Odd face, but like most big mallet putters, they've stretched the shape to put more weight on the outer edges for when we miss the center of the club face. Well, this has a nice balanced weight to it, very easy to swing in a pendulum stroke. It has alignment aides drawn on the top of the putter and these help but could be bigger.Solid sound as the ball pops off the club face and the size helps you feel you dont need to crush the ball to get it there.The HIGH MOI will get the ball really rolling so you really don't need to bang putts hard with this club.


Well, the shape. It's odd (and that coming from a guy that uses the PING CRAZ-E putter). I've always like the MONZA series and in fact in my tests, I made more putts with the original Monza than I did the CRAZ-E. So the series in general is good. Now this particular version, I made more long putts (15 ft or more) than i did inside 15 ft. i was missing things right most of the time, pushing it slightly for some reason. I seemed to be lined up as I wanted but everything missed right. Made some adjustments and aimed more left and they went in. So maybe it was just me or you might need to adjust a little for this club.And the price...$199 is a bit steep for a putter.


Bottom line, it's a good putter but for the money (or less) I think you can do better. It does have a solid feel and if the design works, it'll help your off center hits still get closer to the hole.

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