Review of TaylorMade R7 460 (Drivers)


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R7 460

Top-notch quality. I know that Taylormade makes great drivers, and this is no different.Shaft is a great one too. Grip seems very cheap though.


MWT feature is a nice one. Change the weights if you are hitting a draw/hook, change it again if you are fading it. It's like having two drivers at the same time. The big head with the glossy black top is very nice to look at during address. Having a big face is also a big plus, since the sweetspot is way, way bigger.Although I may not yet able to perfectly understand it, but I think that the stiff shaft helped straighten out my ball flight.


Why did the extra weights have to be bought separately from the club? Taylormade should have just included at least two extra pieces, like a 2- and 14-gram.Headcover is a pain to take off especially when it was still new.


This is a very good buy for high handicappers. Don't live in denial, accept that you are a high handicapper and buy a club that suits you.

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