Review of TaylorMade R9 (Drivers)

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Quality looks very good, no complaints.


Nice looking driver, very good shaft. Movable weights and adjustable shaft rotatation, could be good if you need that stuff


The price is a bit high. The club can be adjusted for loft, lie and face angle. All of this can be good, but if you are a better player and understand the importance of FLO alignment of the shaft, IT'S A TERRIBLE DESIGN. When you adjust the club, you have to rotate the shaft in the head, and that ruins the shaft alignment, IF the shaft was in fact aligned in the first place.I also doubt that the average golfer would know enough about the adjustments of this driver to ever get it set up correctly for their swing.


For the average golfer, this may be a good driver, as it can be adjusted to fit different players needs. The problem comes into play due to HOW one must rotate the shaft to make those adjustments. For a good golfer that understands and appreciates what FLO alignment of the shaft does, this is a terrible design, and one I could not recommend at all. This is a high dollar driver, best suited for the average golfer and not for a good golfer that understands the way a shaft should be installed for best performance. For the average golfer, I'd rate it a five, for the good golfer, I'd rate it a 2.

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