Review of TaylorMade SLDR Fairway Wood

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scott rushing
TaylorMade SLDR Fairway

Top nothc quality. Decent stock shaft which can be upgraded.


New, cut-through speed pocket allows for more flex in the clubface, increasing the trampoline-like effect which results in increased distance. An extremely low, forward center of gravity promotes faster ball speeds and reduced spin. It's easier to get the ball into the air from a variety of lies. With an adjustable hosel featuring 12 different loft settings, you can customize the configuration for you based on the conditions and your game that day.

Low/Forward Center of Gravity

New cut-through Speed Pocket flexes with more efficiency
Exceptionally low and forward center of gravity location
Faster ball speeds, lower spin and additional carry
Adjustable hosel with 12 different loft settings
Loft can be increased / decreased in 1.5° increments

SLDR Fairway

Clubhead Construction

New cut-through speed pocket creates a hotter, more responsive face
Shallower head design
Higher launching shots

The COG being moved forward really allows the ball to explode off of the face. it is by far the best fairway wood I have ever swung. It's compact head feels more traditional than most of the oversized fairway woods on the market, and it made it much easier to hit off the deck and out of the rough. It was easy to work either way and still be accurate, or just bomb it dead center, which gives me a lot of confidence. And best of all, this club is a beast! I have an average swing speed at best after multiple shoulder injuries, averaging about 230-250 yards with my old fairway woods. This club has added at least 25 yards to that and it's so easy to hit I'm not trying to kill the ball anymore, resulting in fewer bad swings. Great club.


Other than the $250+ price, not many. The styling of the club head may take a little getting used to for the traditionalist out there, but the results are worth it


Overall great fairway wood. Easy to hit off any lie and able to get the ball in the air thanks to the lower COG. Distance does is great too. Swing with confidence

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