Review of Thomas Golf 10.5 Spring Face Driver (Drivers)

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Walt Leon
Thomas Golf
10.5 Spring Face Driver

The titanium head is solid and truly has a spring effect with a VERY large sweet spot. The flat top with alignment bar is set up perfect for aiming. The graphite shaft is very high quality and Golf Pride makes the grip.


The distance is great with this driver (won a local long drive contest with it) but what I really love is the control. It is easy to set up, align and has lots of forgiveness. I'm hitting the ball like I did when I was a few years younger.


I've thought hard and talked with my son, we can't come up with anything we don't like. Maybe the fact we can't buy it at our local store.


My bottom line is this driver is great, and everything they said it was, on the web site. I'm bringing my handicap back down and enjoying the game with the solid feel of a premium driver. LOVE the alignment

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