Review of Titleist 909D2 (Drivers)


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Joe Golfer

Very good quality.


I tested this club at the store, which worked out well. Since the price was right and the test in the hitting bay was good, I decided to add this club to my arsenal.The clubhead is larger than my current 460cc heads.I liked the Diamana Blue shaft in stiff flex.I would characterize this as a slightly soft stiff flex, or a hard R flex.It is designed to give a mid ball flight with low to mid spin.Clubface is thicker in middle and thinner at edges, with a trapezoidal shape on the inside middle to increase the size of the sweet spot area.Despite it being mid-March, I tried it at the driving range outdoors, as the weather has been around 75 degrees this week, perfect golfing weather. This club gives me a mid to high initial launch, but the ball does not balloon. A mid flight. I tend to get a slight draw with this club, but it is quite controllable. I think this is because the shaft is a slightly softer Stiff flex than some others, though different brands vary greatly.


Have not found anything not to like.As I mentioned, it gives me a slight draw, but that seems to work for me.I have had clubs in the past where the shaft was too whippy, and I wound up with a lot of bad hooks. But this flex profile seems to give me that high initial launch draw that levels off to a mid-height, with lots of roll-out thanks to the draw.The only drawback I might mention would be this: I seriously doubt that this particular shaft, called the Diamana Blue, is the same as the aftermarket Diamana Blue Board that is sold separately as a component aftermarket shaft at a price of $275 per shaft.Both shafts are made by Mitsubishi Rayon.I do believe this is a good quality shaft, but just not the premium aftermarket shaft that costs so much.


A very good club.I would say that this Diamana Blue shaft in Stiff flex is best for golfers who swing a driver in the 90-100 mph range.Works well for me, giving a slight draw.Good feel on shots. Good forgiveness on shots, though it is hard to miss the sweet spot with this giant head.This is the 909D2 model. Titleist makes a 909D3 model with a slightly smaller head of 440cc in size, for those who prefer more shot shaping ability.

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