Review of Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scot (Irons)


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Tommy Armour
845 Silver Scot

Solid construction with a chrome finish makes them look like professional clubs in the Ping and callaway range but you don't have to pay those prices.


I love the feel of these clubs. You know when you hit it true and they are very consistent. They also have increased my distance on most clubs, even though they seem to have higher lofts.


The small club head is hard to get used to when you purchase smaller clubs. My first set had a huge club head and I would never shank a shot. I've hit a couple off the end just getting used to them, but that comes with the territory. i will gradually be able to increase my club speed as I get used to them.


I'm glad a purchased these clubs. I think they are a good value for your money, especially for an intermediate player who is trying to get better. They have a very good reputation and now that I own them, I can see why!

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