Review of Tour Edge Exotics (Drivers)

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Tour Edge

Construction and quality is first rate.All Tour Edge products come with a lifetime warranty


This driver is straight and long if you stay within yourself when you swing. A piercing ball flight that will run-on seemingly forever makes this driver sneaky long. The square club face sets up nicely and makes this driver anti-left (for right handers) which is a bit of a rarity in the ultra-lite, forgiving categories.The Graphite Design shaft is very smooth and responsive.


The sound is a bit harsh and tinny; not as bad as some, but definitely noticeable.Being a low spin head, this is not a good choice for the low ball hitter without selecting a higher loft than you usually play.The driver has no corrective biases built in and can be sliced readily when hit off the toe or coming over the top.


If you can get beyond the sound and shape of the head (pentagram), this is a high quality, high performance product that competes well with the other ultra-lite, high MOI drivers at a much more favourable price point.IMO it comes equipped with one of the best stock shafts in its peer group.A great candidate for a golfer with a consistent swing that is looking for long, straight drives from a forgiving head.In the age of adjustability, the simplicity is refreshing.

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