Review of Wilson Deep Red 365 (Drivers)


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Jonathan Hackman
Deep Red 365

The club face has stood up well, although expect the red paint on the top of the club head to chip easily if you let it rattle against other clubs. As for the shaft, it is a different diameter than a normal shaft, so your choices on replacing it are limited. I would recommend replacing the Wilson grip that comes with the club immediately. It gets very slick, very quickly when any moisture comes in contact with it.


This club was the replacement for a Titleist 975 D driver which I had used for two years but had trouble getting the ball at a high trajectory. On average, the Fat Shaft driver got me more loft and more consistant distance and control despite hitting the ball on separate parts of the clubface. My handicap ranges between 5.0 and 7.0, and with a stiff shaft, I was able to hit the ball an average of 265 yards, but with better control. For hitting a straight ball off the fairway, this club has been fantastic. The thickness of the shaft allows for as little torque as I have ever felt in a driver.


For those individuals that like to shape the ball off the tee to both sides, this club is so forgiving that it makes it difficult to feel confident about how much spin you may impart on the ball. Many times I have tried to fade a ball around a dogleg, yet the ball has flown perfectly straight, despite my stance and swing plane.


For a golfer in the range of a 10 handicap, the Fat Shaft will make it very easy for you to cut down on the number of mishit balls in a round. A ball that hits the outer toe of the club will only fly 10 yards less than one hit close to the middle of the club. Also, for those that sometimes hit a dramatic draw or slice once or twice during the round, this club will help to eliminate those problems. The best thing I got out of the club was the ability to get a high trajectory on my drives without altering my swing or switching to a much higher lofted driver.

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