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See More

The best
On par with other boutique putter shops


Great balance in your hands
Easy to square clubface at impact with Rifle Scope Technology
One of the best putters I've used in terms of feel off the face which has helped immensely with my lag putting


Expensive compared to mass-market putters, but the value is there


SeeMore PTM3 is a mid mallet, center shafted putter with a CNC milled 303 stainless steel head. Mine is equipped with a Golf Pride Tour Classic mid-size grip. The head has a platinum finish.

SeeMore is a putter company in Franklin Tennessee that specializes in custom fit putters. The putters are made in the USA. You can order direct to the specifications you want with the assistance of their staff, on-line, over the phone or in-person. I purchased mine from a dealer.

The heart of the putting system is the RST or rifle scope technology which consists of a red dot between parallel white lines that is hidden behind the shaft when the putter is aligned correctly. Keeping the red dot hidden ensures that the putter face is square at impact. This ensures correct alignment at set-up as well.

I'm a streaky putter at best and horrific at worst. This putter has done a lot for me in terms of consistency. The RST really works and my putts stay on line much more consistently. I highly recommend this putter to anyone that is having issues with their putting. There are a plethora of styles to choose from. Being able to custom order for length, lie and grip is well worth the additional cost to garden variety putters from a big box retailer.

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