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So apparently the courses around here too a big hit this winter and spring with "winterkill".    See below from our CGA "
Many golf courses in North Carolina have experienced significant Winterkill to their Bermuda grass and other warm season turfgrasses. Even with the best-laid-plans, superintendents can still see destruction from Winterkill.

Two-time champ Lee Janzen qualifies for U.S. Open after six-year absence

A pair of two-time U.S. Open champions, Lee Janzen and Retief Goosen, punched their tickets for the year's second major through sectional qualifiers across the United States on Monday.

Janzen took medalist honors in his New York sectional while Goosen sneaked in by a shot in Memphis, Tennessee.

No matter the score, Tiger Woods still matters to golf



DUBLIN, Ohio -- They surrounded the 18th green at Muirfield Village Golf Club, spectators lined several rows deep, the leaders hours away from even teeing off Sunday, let alone getting to the finishing hole of the Memorial Tournament.

Wedge Bounce

So I was reading the March '15 issue of GD and Chris O'Connell has an article on there on short game and essentially say's not to pick the wedge you wil use for a shot just off the loft of the club but to make your choice based off the bounce the shot needs.   Uphill shots you choose a high bounce (probably lower lofted) club and let the uphill add the loft that you lose by going with the lower lofted club.  The extra bounce gives you some "help" in that you can hit behind the ball a little and the bounce keeps the club from digging in immediately.  Whereas a downhill shot needs a lower bou

Golf Galaxy Lessons

So I took my first lessons at Golf Galaxy today.  The instructor is a PGA certified instructor to some level, but I don't quite understand all the levels.  Anyway the 2 main reaosns I went there were price (for a 6 pack the lessons at $33/each for a half hour) and the tech.  I wanted to get more detailed information on my launch data than I get from my normal instructor.  That being said, when I watched the video of my swing and we went through the root issues, it was many of the same things I have heard before.  

Patrick Reed wins in Hawaii, in a playoff over Jimmy Walker

How did Patrick Reed force a playoff? This hole out eagle on No. 16 certainly helped. Watch:

KAPALUA, Hawaii (AP) -- Patrick Reed holed an 80-yard shot for eagle and made two birdies over his last four holes Monday. The last birdie was on the 18th hole in a playoff to beat Jimmy Walker in the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

Ping Announces New Driver, Wedge and Putter for 2015

A New Year and a new driver from Ping.  Haven't seen it yet but based on the reviews I've read it generates more ball speed than the G25.    Does it seem like they are pushing drivers out faster now than they used too?  Does to me.  But I guess that's the market now.  What was the best last year now isn't, so you need to buy buy buy.


G30 LS Tec Driver


The first task force has met about how to build a winning Ryder Cup program

I just have to say I don't see where a task force is going to 'fix' the problem.   I mean I understand that Ryder Cup preparation is more than just sending guys out to play golf.  And Ok, having a 'team comradery' and such may make the guys come together, but at the end of the day, you win by the players going out and hitting golf shots and making putts.  So other than thinking through how to do the pairings, which even then, doesn't matter unless players hit shots, I just don't see where this task force is going to change the end result.  My ability to hit a shot isn't baed on who I hung o