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Adam's XTD irons play more like hybrids

Designed for a wide variety of players, the new XTD irons ($599) from Adams feature an extremely thin clubface and cut-thru slots for maximum deflection and higher ball speeds and distance. In order to make the irons play more like hybrids, a unique cross-cavity design was added to move the center of gravity (CG) deep into the clubhead for improved launch, forgiveness and stability at impact.

Stressful Round? Whistle while you .. golf.

I'm a whistler. Some people are, and others are not. I whistle throughout the day, whether its while I walk from office to office, or meeting to meeting. I whistle as I walk through the stores on Saturday doing my weekend errands. I also whistle on the golf course. Whistling, beyond the musical entertainment aspect, actually impacts the physical and emotional and mental characteristics of the whistler. Beyond being excellent exercise for the lungs, whistling reduces stress and tension and calms the mind.

Buy Adam Scott's house, and he'll throw in a round of golf..free!

He bought the Abu Dhabi house in 2008 before it was built, the plan being to use it as a home base while he was competing on the European Tour. He didn't end up spending any time in it, citing that as the reason why it's now on the market.

The house is 10,000 square feet, has a pool, and views of the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club and nearby ocean. It's listed at a cool $6.2 million. And if that's the kind of investment you're looking to make right now, you're going to get more than the house: Scott said he'll play a round of golf with the buyer.

Tips for controlling the trajectory of your ball

But when you have trees or wind or any other items that demand you hit a higher or lower shot than normal, there are a number of small adjustments you can make that will help Here are some tips to help you control your trajectory.

When it is breezy swing easy. Take more club. This method allows you to minimize the ball spin rate that would cause the ball to have a steeper trajectory. Lower spin rates keep the ball flight lower.

When you need it high, give it all your thigh. Swing fast and increase the spin and therefore the trajectory.

Johnny Miller on building a repeatable swing on the driving range

Some guys get good by playing a lot. Others need to dig the secrets out of the dirt -- or rather, the green plastic of a driving-range bucket. I did both. I used the range to experiment and to build a swing I had confidence in. The course was where I tested my swing to see if it held up under pressure. You probably grab an hour of range time just as often as you get to play. (Hey, you have a job, right?) So, attention, range-rats: Here's the Johnny Miller way to get the most from your practice sessions.

TaylorMade introduces the new Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X golf balls

TaylorMade continues to focus on Tour-caliber products with the introduction of the new Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X golf balls ($45.99 per dozen). The difference between the two models is spin rates -- the Tour Preferred is designed to provide more spin in the mid-irons and long irons (as well as a slightly higher trajectory on shots into the green) while the Tour Preferred X provides a more penetrating flight on approach shots and slightly lower spin rates (similar spin and trajectory as the previous Lethal model).

Sun Mountain debuting their lightest-ever golf bag - The Two 5

Sun Mountain is always innovating, and this year, they're debuting their lightest-ever golf bag. The Two 5, as its name suggests, weighs just 2.5 pounds. It's made with lightweight nylon fabrics, a minimal (yet still effective) strap system, and filament-wound fiberglass legs that are lighter than aluminum. The bag has four zippered pockets, a beverage pouch and a four-way, 9.5-inch top. (Available on July 1, in four colors.)
SunMountain, $184

Voted one of the best products at the PGA Show by Golf Digest

The R&A allows distance measuring devices in its amateur events in 2014


The R&A allows distance measuring devices in its amateur events in 2014

The R&A’s Championship Committee has decided that it will allow the use of distance measuring devices (DMDs) in R&A amateur events in 2014.

DMD’s have been covered by an optional Local Rule, which has been available under the Rules of Golf since 2006 (see Note to Rule 14-3 of the Rules of Golf), and the Championship Committee will take up this option for 2014.

The Mental Side of Golf: To Succeed, You Must Believe in Yourself

To succeed, you must believe in yourself
Joan A. King, Sports Hypnotist (http://www.positivementalimagery.com/articles/succeed_you_must_believe.php)

What do Hilary Lunke, Ben Curtis, Annika Sorenstam, Jim Furyk and Tiger Woods have in common?

They all believe they can win.

To play at your best you must believe in yourself. You must believe in your body's ability to perform. You must believe that you can get better.

The whole secret to mastering the game of golf is ...

Arnold Palmer once said that the whole secret to mastering the game of golf -- and this applies to the beginner as well as the pro -- is to cultivate a mental approach to the game that will enable you to shrug off the bad days, keep patient and know in your heart that sooner or later you will be back on top."